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Ken Blanchard

Leadership Expert & Co-author of over 60+ books including The New One Minute Manager

Learn more during the summit about:

  • What is Servant Leadership?
  • Why creating a compelling vision and values is the foundation of high-performing organizations
  • How to turn the organizational pyramid upside down to create a responsive culture
  • The two parts of Servant Leadership: the leadership- strategic aspect and the servant-operational aspect


Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE
Talk: The Memo


President of The Wiseman Group, Speaker, and Leadership Consultant
Talk: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter


Bestselling author of The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, and The Power of Positive Leadership.
Talk: The Greatest Leadership Principles of All


Founder/Pastor of Rock Church, Author, Speaker
Talk: Do Something Church

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Join Us for an Opening Kick-Off Broadcast

With Ken Blanchard and David Marshall

The Future of Servant Leadership

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In this special talk learn more about:

  • What is the future of servant leadership
  • How can servant leadership increase BOTH impact and profits for an organization
  • Who are emerging role models in this field
  • How can we further spread the movement
  • What are the key practices that servant leaders use on a day-by-day basis

“The servant-leader is servant first. It begins
with the natural feeling that one wants
to serve, to serve first.”

– Robert K. Greenleaf, The Power of Servant Leadership



Each Session Includes a Leadership Exercise, Practice or Technique
& Practical Tools You Can Start Using IMMEDIATELY

  • Discover new and creative opportunities for yourself and your team
  • Find out how to develop systems to help people perform as highly as possible
  • Learn a blueprint for creating a better future for you and your children
  • Get practical tools and exercises to shift perceptions and attitudes in your organization
  • Discover why focusing on the growth and well-being of people is the key to success
  • Learn how to lead your organization into more wealth, health and freedom

Your Online Summit Hosts:

Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of 60+ Books including
The New One Minute Manager,
Leadership Expert & Summit Co-Host

David Marshall

CEO and CFO, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Richard Taubinger

CEO of Conscious Marketer, Digital Strategist & Summit Co-Host

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

Entrepreneur & Summit Co-Host

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